Diploma in IFRS (Dip-IFRS)

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are mandated in more than 100 countries worldwide. All listed companies in the European Union (EU) have to prepare consolidated company accounts that comply with IFRS. It also affects associates and subsidiaries of EU-listed companies.

If you are a finance professional who is not already knowledgeable about the details of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), this qualification has a fast and efficient solution to meet your needs. If you need to develop a working knowledge of the area, the DipIFR can help prepare you.

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With our Comprehensive Diploma in IFRS package, all you need to do is focus on your preparation and appear for the exam. 

Let us handle your registration, documentation, Forex conversions, exam bookings etc.

Our Comprehensive Bundle Includes :

  1. Initial Registration + Forex conversion.
  2. Full Syllabus coverage through 100+ recorded videos of over 75-80 hours. 
  3. Revision session of over 6 hours. 
  4. BPP Materials.
  5. Soft Copies of Hand written class notes along with solution spreadsheets for Group Reporting. 
  6. Revision charts for certain standards.
  7. Computer based lectures for CBE.
  8. Exam fee and forex conversion.
  9. Complete tutor support till exam through WhatsApp and Telegram.

Who can do Dip-IFRS ?

Eligibility Criteria

If you are a professional accountant or auditor who works in practice or business, or are qualified according to national accounting standards, then you are eligible to take this ACCA financial reporting qualification.

If you are working in practice, but not yet qualified, then you may still be eligible. You will need to prove that you have one of the following:

  • Two years’ relevant accounting experience and a relevant degree (attracting at least ACCA qualification exemptions for the * Applied Knowledge and Corporate and Business Law (LW) exams. Eg : B.Com)
  • Two years‘ relevant accounting experience and an ACCA Certificate in International Financial Reporting
  • Three years’ relevant accounting experience
  • ACCA affiliate status

Why Dip-IFRS ?

Dip IFRS course is designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards. You will also learn how to apply them, as well as the concepts and principles which underpin them.

On completion of the Diploma candidates should be able to:

  • Understand, explain and apply the IASB’s Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting
  • Apply relevant financial reporting standards to key elements of financial reports
  • Identify and apply disclosure requirements for companies in financial reports and notes
  • Prepare group financial statements including subsidiaries, associates and joint arrangements

How to obtain the Dip-IFRS Certificate ?

Step - 1 : Register

Register through ACCA Website : £89
(Approx INR. 9000+)

Enroll for our comprehensive Dip IFRS Course and avail huge discounts. 

Step - 2 : Book the Exam

Dip IFR (Global) exam fees : £123

  • (Approx INR. 13,000+)
  • Included in our Bundled price.

Exam Windows (twice every year)

June and December.

Step - 3 : Pass the exam

A 3-hour, 15 minute written exam.

You need to score 50 per cent mark or above to pass.

4Q * 25 Marks Each.

  • Question 1 on Consolidated Financial Statements (Group).
  • Rest of the 3 questions from various sections of the syllabus stretching over different accounting standards. 

Student Testimonials

“My experience with GFX: Conceptual explanation by Manikanta Quick response by GFX team for any queries I am able to complete Diploma in IFRS in first attempt only due to Manikanta sir classes Over all Best experience.”
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Chartered Accountant
“The conceptual clarity that you will get from his lectures is absolutely amazing. Each and every topic is covered with clarity and accuracy with reasonable and relevent market examples. Would totally recommend to watch the youtube videos to get an understanding on his teaching approach at Globalfinx youtube channel. Conceptual clarity is 100% guaranteed.”
Dip-IFRS - Image Testemonials
Premchand Kasi
“Manikanta sir is very passionate in teaching. He teaches every concept with live examples so that it will be easy to understand. He will focus more on the concepts and also explain the logic behind that. He makes the subject very interesting and easy to understand with out any complexity. If we understand the concept , we can able to solve any problem.”
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Chillamcharla Vikas Gupta
Chartered Accountant
“Conceptual clarity was too good with his classes and he is very helpful regarding registration and advices towards online exam processes. Manikanta sir is easily accessible all the time.”
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Venkatachalam Nagappan
Chartered Accountant
"The course was absolutely useful. Helped me understand concepts easier. Prompt support for doubt clearance with constant updates on latest updates on standards. Highly recommended."
Dip-IFRS - Image Testemonials
Monishaa Venkat
Chartered Accountant
“Conceptual clarity was too good with his classes and he is very helpful regarding registration and advices towards online exam processes. Manikanta sir is easily accessible all the time.”
Dip-IFRS - Image Testemonials
Sai Vidya
Chartered Accountant
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